Sample Media Relations and Public Relations

Media relations experience includes stints as a business reporter at several large newspapers, developing communications strategy for overcoming objections to expansion plans, event coverage and crisis communications. Here are some examples:
Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego

Donor Services PAC
PC women youth

After the Jewish Community Foundation launched its new Web site, we developed a targeted e-newsletter program to coordinate with the look and feel of the Web site. JCF now a coordinated yet customized e-newsletter design for each of its separate programs.
ELI Thank you ad The Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego thanked the organizations that participate in its endowment building program at the conclusion of the three-year collaborative endeavor.
Create a Jewish Legacy advertising      Book of Life Advertising programs thanks donors who support the arts and those who leave legacies and sign the San Diego Jewish community's Book of Life.
Run Women Run
Run Women Run
We handle media relations for Run Women Run, a growing political organization whose mission is to inspire, identify, mentor and support qualified pro-choice San Diego women to run for office or seek appointed government positions.
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Carnegie Foundation
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching was challenged to overcome neighbor opposition to the construction of its new campus. We developed a complete media/information packet that made the case for the beautiful, sensitive campus that exists today for this national think-tank which is associated with Stanford University.